i am from brooklyn the county of kings where we just do the damn thingi am from a place of beautiful beaches and tropical forests

im from a place of hard times difficulty and struggle in from beginning to stand

tall with my head held high

im from being bullied to standing tall with my head held high

im from being told that i was nothing to being a high school grad

im from the kindness and respect of those around me, im from a childhood 

where i saw drugs and poverty all around me

im from never wanting to be high to being high on life

i used to chase perfection to now accepting myself 

i am from an era of biggie smalls, tupac, jay z, lilwaynes and the toit 

poenty, prince, and the frank sinatra

im from not knowing what tomorrow hold to trying to be better 


im from a place where checks and basketballs bounce with 


i am from the land of soca and the home of steelpan

i am from a single mother who raised 3 boys into 3 men

i am from a love of poetry dace and of couse music

i am from the twin island republic of trinidad an tobago

  ——mia mike—–


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