bless sick uncertainty. think about
jagged shadows of leaves above
trying to find a place to rest my head.

dunno about the ipad but i’m hungry

last few minutes i’ve been inspired then exhaled a guy
is being squeaky like an ice cream truck down here by the water its fair
its not cloudy if we started composing something about jesus huerta who

From Black Mariolster
The white trail long steeped in the vermouth of branches wet
and unfolding within this fold of a knap in the bled dry hands of bloody
leaves, is a sowing through- high and above sowed through and through
and through-over and over again
James Oscar

From Gray Maritime Life (Lady Liberty Battery Park or Uncle Sam’s World
Of a Kiss, Seer of Flowers in the form of a bell
All wrapped up in cotton bundles
Burned legend of the heathefilling its eye-holes
A star ashes mask of gaze
James Oscar